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Well I have moved to a new site so check me out, but to finish where I left off click here


100 down, x-100 to go!

Well folks, who would've thought I'd have made it this far. I have a lot of people to thank for this. Marty for making with the funny. Dan and Andy for threatening me with grevious acts of personal harm for not meeting my, self-imposed; mind you, deadlines (Dan mostly). Adam for spending close to half his time at my house and making me forget about said deadlines. Steve for letting me borrow his games for, what, two, three years now. Also, thanks to Jett and Scott for just being uber-cool people.

Anyway, on to real news. First off, I'd like everyone to know my name is pronounced "sh-awn" and not "sce-anne" as Piro thought it was when I went to get his autograph at ACen (it was a 4 hour wait, mind you). Other than that, what does everyone think of Sean's new look? I peronally think its the best one. He's one crappy-ass goatee away from actually looking like me. Let me know what you think either here or here.



posted by Sean Lasocki on 21:58


Well. isn't this a coincidence.
You're Z-san!
You're Z-san! Congradulations, you're the strong
and loyal friend who's always there to depend
on. On top of this, there seems to be more
about you than you're letting on to....

Which Anti-Bishie Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Who woulda thunk that MY personality would match up with the avatar of another cartoonist. Anyway, read Anti-Bishie and Grayscale.

Sorry the comic is a day late, but, meh. While on the subject of zee comic, it appears that I've been Jett approved.

Love, Peace, and Jelly Doughnuts.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 01:18


I can't really say that I'm trying to update on time, but I'm trying to try. Anyway, read Fate Drifters. That is all.

Love, Peace, and Jelly Doughnuts.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 21:59


Hey, remember when I used to do a web-comic. Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I have no excuse for the two week absence, other than that I'm a lazy bastard.

In other news, if you want to punch me in the face for any reason, Dan and I will be attending Anime Central 2003. Fourtunatly, we live only about half an hour from Rosemont, so we don't have to pay through the ass for a hotel room (neener neener neener). If you think you might be attending, e-mail me for more details (come on, justify my existence, you know you want to). I'll post a picture of myself as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera.

I just beat Wind Waker, and say what you will about the art, but it fits the game perfectly. If you think it's too kiddy, go stab a moblin in the ass. Oh God, that's the best part of the game. I laughed my ass off the first time I gave a moblin an impromptu prostate exam.

Oh, by the way, damn you, Boyd.

Love, peace, and jelly doughnuts*.

*Exept you, Boyd.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 22:12


Alright, I got a lot to talk about and a short memory span, so let's see if I can get it all down.

First off, I've signed up for the up and coming buzzComix (well up and coming compared to other top web comics lists out there). I've been thinking of offering a special gift if the comic makes it to the top ten. Unfortunately, I have no clue what said gift should be. So, I'll be posting a poll on the forums some time in the afternoon. I highly recommend all the regular readers out there to sign up ASAP. I also sincerely hope you will vote at least once a day (you can vote once every twelve hours).

Next on the agenda is the some good old link pimping. Mrrr, while your pondering the pronunciation and meaning of that, I'll inform you on the comic named after the word in question. I love the jokes, I love the art, And I have a deep respect (HAH! Bet you thought I was gonna say love again, huh?) for creators Matt Colon and Chriss Hansen. On top of that, how can you not like a guy who thinks about potato cats. Also, just so Andy will stop bitchin', the rest of this paragraph is one, big, humongous link to his comic. I especially like his latest story in which Sean and Andy duke it out in an Eva and Gundam, respectivly. A real must read.

Saw the Daredevil movie last Sunday. As was said by the illustrious kings of Gaming comicry, Gabe and Tycho, you have to be a real big fan of DD in order to enjoy the movie, or just REALLY like Kevin Smith (he plays a coronier). All in all, not that bad a movie, considering Ben Aflack played the lead.

Hmm, I feel as though I'm forgetting something. Oh well, too tired to care, anyway.

Love, peace, and jelly doughnuts.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 23:50


Is the comic not AWESOME? Thanks to, what I call, the Machall guide to coloring cool shit psd files, I've learned how Ian colors his comics and can, to a lesser degree, emulate it. I also decided to change the format and backgrounds to better compliment the coloring, which compliments the lineart. Well, that's all for me. Love, peace, and jelly doughnuts.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 23:40


Honestly, folks, I have no clue what's going on over here. Keenspace seems to be finicky about the auto-update system lately, and I don't see why I should put up a comic for Friday when (if we're lucky) MONDAY'S comic is just coming up.
posted by Sean Lasocki on 22:18

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